Mapping the Met

MFA Visual Narrative students map and visualize the Met Museum. Using site-specific research they have created a group atlas, combining drawn, digital, and interactive work to tell stories of the museum and its collections, architecture, and data. Together these maps highlight new perspectives and lenses through which the museum could be viewed, navigated, or imagined.

Presented by MFA Visual Narrative at the School of Visual Arts in collaboration with the Met MediaLab. Curated by Tim Szetela.


Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sacerdote Hall
Tuesday July 26, 12-4pm

School of Visual Arts
MFA Visual Narrative Open Studios
Thursday July 28, 5-8pm

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Interactive Maps of the Met Offer Fresh Views of Its Permanent Collections,

More maps at

Rosa Chang

Indigo items in the Met Museum

Curation of indigo textiles and objects from the museum's collection alongside visualizations of the indigo-dyeing process

Christina Ebert

South Asian Art, Galleries 234, 236, 237, 238, 240, 241, 252

Exploration of body postures of feminine sculptures in the South Asian collection

Liz Enright

Japanese Art, Galleries 226-229

Drawn archive of the objects exhibited near the Noguchi Water Stone

Mary Georgescu

Greek & Roman, Egyptian, Islamic Art, Asian Art, American Wings

Mapping the Met's internal water sources and the paths connecting them

Cady Juarez

African Art, Galleries 350, 352

Animated explorations of patterns used in African textile design

Michelle Nahmad

European Sculpture & Decorative Arts, Gallery 501

Objects featured in the Studiolo at the Ducal Palace at Gubbio

Ella Romero

American Wing, Galleries 743, 745

Visualizing the influence of nature in the objects designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis C. Tiffany, and the Herter Brothers

Thomas Slattery

European Sculpture & Decorative Arts, Gallery 515

A meditation on the space and collection of the Lansdowne Room